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Pediatric Endocrinology Associates


Physicians and Providers Resources

Dear Doctor and Referring Providers,


With three offices, we have many appointments available at  our East, central and West side locations.  


If your patients need comprehensive Endocrinology examination,  referrals can be faxed at (915) 800-8570.  

Below you can find links to referral guidelines and slides on common endocrine conditions! Bookmark the link in your web browser for future reference!!!!

As always, if you have any questions, you may reach me directly on my cell at any time.  


Abnormal TSH Referral Guidelines!

Short Stature Referral Guidelines!

Gender Clinic Referral Guidelines!

Precocious Puberty Referral Guidelines!

Download: TSH Guidelines handout.pdf

Download: Short Stature Guidelines handout.pdf

Download: GD Guidelines handout.pdf

Download: Precocious Puberty Guidelines handout.pdf

Weight Management Referral Guidelines!

Download: Obesity Referral Guidelines handout.pdf