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Pediatric Endocrinology Associates

Patient Communication


We believe that Patient-Medical provider communication is essential and our practice uses state of the art technology for patient communications!

All our phone calls are recorded for quality assurance purpose.

Being available for our patients is TOP priority

How To Communicate with Us

How to Comunicate With Us

Call or Text Us at (915) 642-9444

Established patients can use the patient portal

VoIP Phone Service

Our VoIP phone service integrates seamlessly with computer software and our practice Electronic Medical Records (EMR), making patient communication more efficient, helpful and smart!

Team Chat

Our team chat inside the practice is HIPPA complaint and Team Chat provides a united space for conversations that are work-and-team-focused to better serve our patients. No more lost messages or un-followed tasks.

Patient communication with the medical provider is also HIPPA compliant with our EMR or with our patient portal.

After hours Answering Service

Our after hours Answering Service is fully automated HIPPA compliant that help us achieve faster response times to your most urgent needs. Routine requests can be automatically handled and scheduled efficiently.