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Pediatric Endocrinology Associates

Forms, Parent Tips & Billing

Prepare your child

Let us help you prepare your child for stimulation testing.

Cancelation Appointment

While keeping appointments is important for your child's treatment, we understand other obligations may arise. If you are unable to make your child's appointment, cancel the appointment as soon as possible. When you don't cancel appointments, you prevent other children from being seen and receiving important care and treatment.

After failing to appear for three appointments without calling to cancel, we will no longer be able to see your child in this clinic.

We appreciate your help and understanding.

For Cancelation

Billing Procedures

After your child receives care, we will immediately send a claim to your insurance company to pay your bill. You will also receive a bill from us explaining that we have sent a claim to your insurance company. After we receive payment from your insurance company, Our practice will send you a bill for the remaining balance. Review the bill carefully.

Any questions about the portion paid or not paid should be directed to your insurance company. The insurance company’s customer service telephone number usually is printed on the back of your insurance card.

Depending upon the services your child receives, you may get more than one bill from our practice or other providers affiliated with us.  In addition to our bill, you also may receive a bill from a physician or professional service or anesthesia service.

How to Pay Your Bills

For your convenience, you have several options when it comes to paying your bill:Online using a pay link that we can send to you via text message.

You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Please contact us for assistance.

We accepts cash (in person only), checks and all major credit cards.

The insurance co-payment is due at the time of your child’s service, but if you are a self-paying patient, we ask for full payment at that time.

Insurance Coverage

Review your child's insurance plan carefully to determine specific requirements for precertification or referral procedures. Even if Dr. Hector Granados is in network for your child's insurance plan, the doctor(s) treating your child may not be.

Call your insurance company to let them know your child is scheduled for a procedure or appointment because preauthorization may be required. A representative from the admissions department in case of stimulation test may contact you prior to the procedure date to make sure all of your information is correct.

Bring your insurance card (HMO, CMO, PPO, etc.) with you to each appointment. It will save you and your child time and needless waiting. If you forget your card, you will be registered as “self-pay,” and you may be responsible for the entire bill for your child’s service. If the procedure is not covered 100 percent by insurance or Medicaid, the practice may require a copayment or deposit to be paid when you register.

Be aware that if you aren’t careful to follow your insurance plan's rules or guidelines, you may be held responsible for some or all of the charges not paid by your insurance plan.  Some of the healthcare providers who care for your child at the time of the stimulation test may be independent contractors and not employees of our practice.

Because insurance plans and coverage frequently change, Dr. Hector Granados cannot ensure that everyone who sees your child is covered by your insurance plan. We encourage families to ask questions and to work closely with your insurance provider. Also, notify one of our customer service representatives immediately if your child’s insurance coverage changes